Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Things About A She Named Riley

 So I figured you may wanna know a little about me.

 1. I am absolutely petrified of spiders. I DO NOT CARE if it is harmless and tiny, I WANT IT DEAD.

 2. I'm loud, bossy, and make a fool of myself around males. So if you are a male, er, hi, I guess. Crap, see what you did, going and proving my point!

 3. I have a facebook that none of you will ever see, except for the people I acctually know. I will give a hint to my last name, though: It is the same as a well-known male author.

 4. Favorites: Chocolate Bar: Butterfinger. Drink: Lemonade. Candy: Skittles. Song: Ummm.... Sound: Laughter. Season: Summer, or Autumn, usually whichever one is occuring. Person: Brielle, and no, this is not flattery. My family is what you would call 'dysfunctional.'

 5. Twitter confuses me, as well as goodreads. Oh, and math. And boys. Can't forget smart people. How does ones brain hold that much stuff?

 6. I have braces. Not the pretty kind with colors- plain metal ones. My stpid ortho didn't even ask. Old guy, get your hands outta my mouth!

 7. I sleep with my overhead fan on, no matter what season it may be. I like the cool. Not the cold, but cool.

 8. I'm pretty sure I have multiple personalities. Some days I want my hair natral and curly, others I iron the heck out of it. Some days I want to wear my ball shorts, other days, I want jeans and a band tee shirt. Is this normal? Maybe. Am I? HA!

 9. I love YouTube. I stalk there for funny people to laugh at and listen to music 24/7.

 10. I love you, mysterious computer person who I just creeped out insanely:)

 Skittles and Lemonade,


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