Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Impossible

Impossible- Nancy Werlin
      5/5 stars  
Reading level: Young Adult

Hardcover: 384 pages

Publisher: Dial (September 18, 2008)

 Okay, I'm just going to warn you. All I have to say about this book is amazing, amazing, amazing!  Today we went on a field trip, but we got to stop at this book store that has used books, still in good condition, for really low prices. One of them I got was this book, Impossible. I saw it just a few milliseconds before my friend, Brielle (go check out her blog), did. And I had to do this little victory "HA!" thing. I started reading it at four and just finished it at..uh....nine thirty five exactly. It literally left me breathless. It super romantic- and I'm a hopeless romantic, totally. Every fiber of me.

 The romance in Impossible isn't easy, or fake, without pain. And neither of them, Zach or Lucy, has to change at all, mainly because they grew up together, I suppose. But this romance is so fascinating to me because it's real. It's almost impossible to find a teen paranormal book with a realistic romance. Do not get me wrong- I absolutely love fantasy romance. Adore it. But it lacks something- the pain that comes with romance. It can't possibly be all lovey- dovey , sparks flying, soul mate, perfect.

 All the characters in this book have unique personalities, which is hard to find, also. Most of the time all of the adults are the same, thin. Shallow. But not in this book- every single one has layers upon layers of character. I also absolute adore Faerie, and while this doesn't revolve on the Faery aspect of it, it adds a nice little touch.

 Overall, this just made my favorite book. And that's saying a ton. I have never declared a book my favorite before.

 So, if you are still staring at your computer screen, why? If there is a copy in a ten mile radius, find it. If you don't like this book, okay. Just....don't tell me. But, go read it. Pretty please?



I CANNOT wait to borrow this. :D

Ideas, Pens, and Paper

I hope you find it as epic as I did. It is in third person omniscent,but its still super great.

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