Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday, Wait a little longer.

 So. If you are reading this, it means you are one of the 5 people, since I don't count because I accidentally followed myself and cannot figure out if you can un-follow, following my blog. Or, you could have just stumbled upon this post and felt the need to read it. Well, whichever you are, Hello, hello!
 And now for my apology.
 So, as one or two of you may have figured out, and Brielle who I told, I did not post a WOW yesterday. I am deeply ashamed and want to crawl in my closet, eat a flip flop from two years, seven months, nine days, six hours and fifteen minutes ago, and die.
 And for the wanderers with you wondering minds who do not know what a WOW is: it is a post that you put up every Wednesday about a book that you would like to read. At least...... I'm pretty sure. For my mind is still undeveloped in the ways of Blogging.
 I don't want to post one today because I do not want to lie. Normally, I have no problem with it  because I am quite the compulsive liar.
 Aunt: Are you eating?
 Me: *throws plate of pizza rolls in the closet* Not at all. Whatever gave you that wretched idea? Tell me, why would I be eating pizza rolls? Are you implying that I eat too much? ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT? Well, I have to take a shower. *walks in bathroom, shuts door. Starts shower. Sits in floor and reads book*
                                            TWENTY MINUTES LATER
 Aunt: What took so long?
 Me: I had to wash my hair.
 Aunt: Riley, your hair is dry.
 Me: My hair dries quickly.
 Aunt: You just came out of the bathroom!
 Me: I was just cleaning up. School makes me smell like teacher. And teacher smells baddddd.
 Me: Oh, so you remember what I wear each day, do you? Well, I have to do homework.
 Aunt: You didn't bring home any books.
 Me: Yes I did.
 Aunt: No, and you already said you didn't have homework.
 Me: I told the truth.
 Aunt: Are you lying?
 Me: Yes. Or maybe not. Am I lying? Can you tell me?
 Aunt: You are Devil Spawn.
 So, Yes. But, I don't wish to lie to you wonderful people, and haven't yet. So, now that I have filled your head with this pointless rant, I shall GO!
 Dong, it didn't have the same affect as it did in my mind. D:
Skittles and Lemonade,
Hehe, I just noticed that I said 'Dong'. I think I shall leave it as such because I appreciate typos and how they are funny and inconvenient.


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